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class CharSequenceContainsAssertionCreator<T : CharSequence, S : SearchBehaviour> : ContainsObjectsAssertionCreator<T, Any, S, Checker>, Creator<T, Any>

Represents a creator of sophisticated contains assertions for CharSequence.

A sophisticated contains assertion is build up by a desired SearchBehaviour, a Searcher and a number of Checkers. The searcher searches for specified objects -- considering the given searchBehaviour -- and then passes on the result to the given checkers which in turn create the assertions representing the corresponding check. Those created assertions are then grouped into an AssertionGroup which represents the sophisticated assertion as a whole.


T - The type of the AssertionPlant.subject for which the contains assertion is be build. S - The search behaviour which should be applied to the input of the search.



CharSequenceContainsAssertionCreator(searchBehaviour: S, searcher: Searcher<S>, checkers: List<Checker>)

Represents a creator for sophisticated contains assertions for CharSequence.



val descriptionContains: DescriptionCharSequenceAssertion

Provides the translation for contains.


val descriptionNumberOfOccurrences: DescriptionCharSequenceAssertion

Provides the translation for number of occurrences.



fun search(plant: AssertionPlant<T>, searchCriterion: Any): Int

Searches for something matching the given searchCriterion in the given plant's subject and returns the number of occurrences.

Inherited Functions


open fun createAssertionGroupForSearchCriteriaAssertions(assertions: List<Assertion>): AssertionGroup

Creates an AssertionGroup representing the sophisticated contains assertion as a whole based on the given assertions which where created for the search criteria.