doc / ch.tutteli.atrium.verbs.assertthat

Package ch.tutteli.atrium.verbs.assertthat

Contains the Assertion Verbs functions named assertThat.



fun <T : Any> assertThat(subject: T): <ERROR CLASS>

Creates an AssertionPlant for the given subject.

fun <T : Any> assertThat(subject: T, assertionCreator: Assert<T>.() -> Unit): AssertionPlant<T>

Creates an AssertionPlant for the given subject and AssertionPlant.addAssertionsCreatedBy the given assertionCreator lambda where the created Assertions are added as a group and usually (depending on the configured Reporter) reported as a whole.

fun assertThat(act: () -> Unit): ThrowableThrownBuilder

Creates a ThrowableThrownBuilder for the given function act which is expected to throw a Throwable.