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infix fun <T : Any> AssertionPlant<T>.and(assertionCreator: Assert<T>.() -> Unit): AssertionPlant<T>

Can be used to create a group of sub assertions when using the fluent API.

For instance assert(1).isLessThan(3).and { isEven(); isGreaterThan(1) } creates two assertions where the second one consists of two sub-assertions. In case the first assertion holds, then the second one is evaluated as a whole. Meaning, even though 1 is not even, it still evaluates that 1 is greater than 1. Hence the reporting might (depending on the configured Reporter) contain both failing sub-assertions.

This plant to support a fluent API.

infix fun <E, T : Iterable<E>> IterableContains.Builder<E, T, InOrderSearchBehaviour>.and(only: only): IterableContains.Builder<E, T, InOrderOnlySearchBehaviour>
Deprecated: Switch from api-cc-infix-en_GB to api-infix-en_GB; will be removed with 1.0.0 -- see for migration hints and scripts.

Defines that the constraint "only the specified entries exist in the Iterable" shall be applied to this sophisticated contains in order Iterable assertion.

The newly created builder.