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infix fun <E : Any, T : Iterable<E?>> Assert<T>.any(assertionCreatorOrNull: (Assert<E>.() -> Unit)?): AssertionPlant<T>
Deprecated: Switch from Assert to Expect; will be removed with 1.0.0 -- see for migration hints and scripts.

Makes the assertion that the Assert.subject contains an entry holding the assertions created by the assertionCreatorOrNull or an entry which is null in case assertionCreatorOrNull is defined as null.

It is a shortcut for to contain inAny order atLeast 1 entry assertionCreatorOrNull


AssertionError - Might throw an AssertionError if the assertion made is not correct.

This plant to support a fluent API.

infix fun <E : Any, T : Iterable<E?>> Assert<T>.any(nullableEntry: NullableEntry<E>): AssertionPlant<T>
Deprecated: Use `any` instead; will be removed with 1.0.0