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infix fun <E : Any, T : Iterable<E?>> Assert<T>.none(assertionCreatorOrNull: (Assert<E>.() -> Unit)?): AssertionPlant<T>
Deprecated: Switch from Assert to Expect; will be removed with 1.0.0 -- see for migration hints and scripts.

Makes the assertion that the Assert.subject does not contain a single entry which holds all assertions created by assertionCreatorOrNull or does not contain a single entry which is null in case assertionCreatorOrNull is defined as null.

It is a shortcut for notTo contain entry assertionCreatorOrNull


AssertionError - Might throw an AssertionError if the assertion made is not correct.

This plant to support a fluent API.

infix fun <E : Any, T : Iterable<E?>> Assert<T>.none(nullableEntry: NullableEntry<E>): AssertionPlant<T>
Deprecated: Use `none` instead; will be removed with 1.0.0