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infix fun <T : BigDecimal> AssertionPlantNullable<T?>.notToBeNullBut(expected: T): Nothing
Deprecated: Use `notToBeNullBut { isNumericallyEqualTo ... }` if you expect that the following assertion holds:\n`assert(BigDecimal(\"10\").toBe(BigDecimal(\"10.0\"))`\nHowever, if you expect it to be wrong (because `BigDecimal.scale` differ), then use `notToBeNullBut { isEqualIncludingScale ... }`.

infix fun <T : Any> AssertionPlantNullable<T>.notToBeNullBut(keyword: Keyword): Nothing
Deprecated: This call will most probably fail at runtime because the given subject is not a collection as you might have assumed. If you really want to compare the subject against the keyword, then cast the keyword to Any