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interface SearchBehaviour : Contains.SearchBehaviour, CharSequenceContains.SearchBehaviour
Deprecated: Use the interface from package domain.creating; will be removed with 1.0.0

Represents a deprecated search behaviour but leaves it up to the Searcher how this behaviour is implemented -- yet, it provides a method to decorate a description (a Translatable) in order that it reflects the search behaviour.



open class CharSequenceContainsIgnoringCaseSearchBehaviour : CharSequenceContains.SearchBehaviour, IgnoringCaseSearchBehaviour

Represents the deprecated search behaviour that a CharSequenceContains.Searcher should ignore case when searching for an expected object.


open class CharSequenceContainsNoOpSearchBehaviour : CharSequenceContains.SearchBehaviour, NoOpSearchBehaviour

Represents the deprecated default search behaviour or rather does not define a search behaviour at all.