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abstract class IterableContainsChecker : ContainsChecker, IterableContains.Checker
Deprecated: Use the abstract class from package creating; will be removed with 1.0.0

Represents the base class for IterableContains.Checker.

It does not do much more than specifying that its super class is ContainsChecker and sub-classes have to implement IterableContains.Checker.


correctCall - The function which should be used instead of wrongCall when times equals to zero.

wrongCall - The function call which was used and should not be used if times equals to zero.


IllegalArgumentException - In case times is smaller than 1.



IterableContainsChecker(times: Int, correctCall: String, wrongCall: (Int) -> String)

Represents the base class for IterableContains.Checker.

Inherited Properties


val times: Int

The number which the check uses to compare against the actual number of times an expected object is found in the input of the search.

Inherited Functions


fun createBasicAssertion(description: Translatable, check: Boolean): DescriptiveAssertion

Creates a DescriptiveAssertion based on the given description, the property times as StringBasedRawString and the given check.



class IterableContainsAtLeastChecker : IterableContainsChecker

Represents a check that an expected entry is contained at least times in the Iterable.


class IterableContainsAtMostChecker : IterableContainsChecker

Represents a check that an expected entry is contained at most times in the Iterable.


class IterableContainsExactlyChecker : IterableContainsChecker

Represents a check that an expected object is contained exactly times in the search input.