doc / ch.tutteli.atrium.assertions / SummaryAssertionGroupType


interface SummaryAssertionGroupType : DoNotFilterAssertionGroupType

Represents the AssertionGroupType for AssertionGroups whose assertions should all be reported in reporting (no filtering by a Reporter) since it represents a summary which itself will point out which assertions hold and which do not.

This AssertionGroupType should only be used for cases where we need to present a result as a whole and where filtering out successful assertions would either be misleading or not complete.

An AssertionFormatter will typically use PrefixSuccessfulSummaryAssertion and PrefixFailingSummaryAssertion to prefix the AssertionGroup.assertions.



object DefaultSummaryAssertionGroupType : SummaryAssertionGroupType

The AssertionGroupType for AssertionGroups whose assertions should not be filtered (by a Reporter) and for which an AssertionFormatter should state whether they hold or not.