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interface ThrowableThrown
Deprecated: Use Expect instead; will be removed with 1.0.0

Defines the contract for sophisticated a Throwable was thrown Assertion builders. as well as the minimum set of assertions an implementation of the domain of Atrium has to provide.

The building process is typically started by the creation of a Builder, would allow to define an AbsentThrowableMessageProvider as well as an ch.tutteli.atrium.domain.creating.any.typetransformation.AnyTypeTransformation.FailureHandler (currently all ThrowableThrownAssertions specify it implicitly) and is finalized by one of the ThrowableThrownAssertions which usually use a Creator.



interface AbsentThrowableMessageProvider

Provides a message which can be used in reporting to represent the case that no Throwable at all was thrown.


interface Builder

The entry point of the Throwable thrown contract.


interface Creator<TExpected : Throwable>

Represents the final step of a sophisticated a Throwable was thrown assertion builder which creates the AssertionGroup as such.