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interface CheckerStepLogic<E, T, out S : IterableLikeContains.SearchBehaviour> : Contains.CheckerStepLogic<T, S, IterableLikeContains.Checker, IterableLikeContains.EntryPointStepLogic<E, T, S>>

The step of choosing/defining Checkers on the logic level.

Inherited Properties


abstract val checkers: List<C>

Contains all Checkers which should be applied to the search result.


abstract val entryPointStepLogic: B

The previously chosen EntryPointStep, containing inter alia the AssertionContainer to which the resulting Assertion shall be appended.

Extension Functions


fun <T> IterableLikeContains.CheckerStepLogic<*, *, *>.toVarArg(iterableLike: IterableLike): Pair<T, Array<out T>>

Transforms the given IterableLike to Pair<T, Array<out T>> with the intend that it can be easily used for a function requiring T, vararg T



interface CheckerStepInternal<E, T, out S : IterableLikeContains.SearchBehaviour> : IterableLikeContains.CheckerStep<E, T, S>, IterableLikeContains.CheckerStepLogic<E, T, S>

Sole purpose of this interface is to hide CheckerStepLogic from newcomers which usually don't have to deal with this type and to keep the API clean.


interface WithTimesCheckerStepLogic<E, T, out S : IterableLikeContains.SearchBehaviour> : IterableLikeContains.CheckerStepLogic<E, T, S>

A IterableLikeContains.CheckerStepLogic which is used to choose a IterableLikeContains.Checker which is based on a number of times.