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interface FeatureExtractorBuilder

Helps in using FeatureExtractor by providing a guide to set the different parameters in form of a fluent builder.



interface DescriptionStep<T>

Step which allows to specify the description which will be used to describe the feature.


interface ExecutionStep<T, R> : TransformationExecutionStep<T, R, FeatureExpect<T, R>>

Step which allows to decide how the transformation shall be executed.


interface FeatureExtractionStep<T>

Step to define the feature extraction as such where a one can include a check by returning None in case the extraction should not be carried out.


interface FinalStep<T, R>

Final step in the help-me-to-call-FeatureExtractor-process, which creates an ExecutionStep incorporating all chosen options and is able to call SubjectChanger accordingly.


interface OptionsStep<T, R>

Step which allows to override previously defined properties -- such as: use a different description -- but also allows to define options where usually a default value is used -- e.g. per default the subject itself is use as representation, this can be changed.


interface RepresentationInCaseOfFailureStep<T>

Step which allows to to define the representation which shall be used in case the extraction cannot be performed.

Companion Object Functions


operator fun <T> invoke(assertionContainer: AssertionContainer<T>): FeatureExtractorBuilder.DescriptionStep<T>

Entry point to use the FeatureExtractorBuilder.