doc / ch.tutteli.atrium / IAtriumFactory / newTextExplanatoryAssertionGroupFormatter


abstract fun newTextExplanatoryAssertionGroupFormatter(bulletPoints: Map<Class<out BulletPointIdentifier>, String>, assertionFormatterController: AssertionFormatterController): AssertionFormatter
Deprecated: Use AssertImpl.coreFactory instead; will be removed with 1.0.0

Creates an AssertionFormatter which is intended for text output (e.g. for the console) and formats AssertionGroups of type ExplanatoryAssertionGroupType by creating an AssertionFormatterParameterObject which indicates that formatting its AssertionGroup.assertions happens within an explanatory assertion group.


bulletPoints - The bullet points used in reporting; will typically use the bullet point registered for ExplanatoryAssertionGroupType as prefix for each Assertion in AssertionGroup.assertions.

assertionFormatterController - The controller used to steer the flow of the reporting.

The newly created assertion formatter.