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inline infix fun <T> Expect<T>.it(noinline assertionCreator: Expect<T>.() -> Unit): Expect<T> (source)

Can be used to create a group of sub assertions when using the fluent API.

Intended to be used in combination with feature assertions where Kotlin < 1.4 is not able to infer the correct type. For instance:

// use
expect(person) feature { f(it::age) } it { this toBe 20 }

// instead of (which causes problems with Kotlin < 1.4)
expect(person) feature of({ f(it::age) }) { it toBe 20 }

Note that this workaround will be removed in some minor version after a major version with Kotlin 1.4 support (most likely with Atrium v1.1.0 where Atrium v1.0.0 requires Kotlin 1.4)

an Expect for the subject of this expectation.