doc / ch.tutteli.atrium.assertions / ExplanatoryAssertion


interface ExplanatoryAssertion : Assertion (source)

Represents an Assertion which can be used to explain/show an instance which is eventually formatted by an ObjectFormatter in reporting -- it needs to be a child of an AssertionGroup with an ExplanatoryAssertionGroupType.

As it is a child of an AssertionGroup with an ExplanatoryAssertionGroupType, it is not of importance whether the assertions holds or not; thus it overrides holds which always returns true.

This assertion will be turned into a Reportable with 1.0.0 and eventually/latest be removed with 1.0.0 See for more information.



abstract val explanation: Any?

The object used to explain something.



open fun holds(): Boolean

Always true since it should not matter whether an ExplanatoryAssertion holds or not.