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interface MapLikeContains (source)

Defines the contract for sophisticated MapLike contains assertion builders.

The building process is typically started by the creation of an EntryPointStep, goes on by specifying a desired SearchBehaviour and is finalized by one of the MapLikeContainsAssertions which usually use a Creator.



interface Checker : Contains.Checker

Represents a check for the search result such as: the object is contained exactly once in the input of the search.


interface Creator<T, in SC> : Contains.Creator<T, SC>

Represents the final step of a sophisticated contains assertion builder which creates the AssertionGroup as such.


interface EntryPointStep<K, V, T, out S : MapLikeContains.SearchBehaviour> : Contains.EntryPointStep<T, S>

The entry point of the contract.


interface EntryPointStepInternal<K, V, T, out S : MapLikeContains.SearchBehaviour> : MapLikeContains.EntryPointStep<K, V, T, S>, MapLikeContains.EntryPointStepLogic<K, V, T, S>

Sole purpose of this interface is to hide EntryPointStepLogic from newcomers which usually do not have to deal with this type and to keep the API clean.


interface EntryPointStepLogic<K, V, T, out S : MapLikeContains.SearchBehaviour> : Contains.EntryPointStepLogic<T, S>

The entry point of the contract on the logic level, containing the container -- i.e. the subject of this expectation for which the sophisticated contain assertion should be created -- as well as the chosen searchBehaviour.


interface SearchBehaviour : Contains.SearchBehaviour

Represents a search behaviour but leaves it up to the Creator how this behaviour is implemented -- yet, it provides a method to decorate a description (a Translatable) in order that it reflects the search behaviour.