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interface AtLeastCheckerOption<out T : CharSequence, out S : SearchBehaviour> : WithTimesCheckerOption<T, S> (source)
Deprecated: Use pendant from package en_GB; will be removed with 1.0.0

Represents the extension point for another option after a contains at least-check within a sophisticated contains assertion building process for CharSequence.


T - The input type of the search.

S - The search behaviour which should be applied for the input of the search.

Inherited Properties


abstract val times: Int

Extension Functions


fun <T : CharSequence, S : SearchBehaviour> CheckerOption<T, S>.addAssertion(assertion: Assertion): AssertionPlant<T>

Helper method to simplify adding assertions to the plant which itself is stored in CharSequenceContains.CheckerOption.containsBuilder.


infix fun <T : CharSequence, S : SearchBehaviour> AtLeastCheckerOption<T, S>.butAtMost(times: Int): ButAtMostCheckerOption<T, S>

Restricts a contains at least assertion by specifying that the number of occurrences of the object which we are looking for, occurs at most number of times within the search input.



open class AtLeastCheckerOptionImpl<out T : CharSequence, out S : SearchBehaviour> : AtLeastCheckerOptionBase<T, S>, AtLeastCheckerOption<T, S>

Represents the builder of a contains at least-check within the fluent API of a sophisticated contains assertion for CharSequence.