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interface AtMostCheckerOption<out T : CharSequence, out S : SearchBehaviour> : CheckerOption<T, S> (source)
Deprecated: Use pendant from package en_GB; will be removed with 1.0.0

Represents the extension point for another option after a contains at least once but at most-check within a sophisticated contains assertion building process for CharSequence.


T - The input type of the search.

S - The search behaviour which should be applied for the input of the search.

Extension Functions


fun <T : CharSequence, S : SearchBehaviour> CheckerOption<T, S>.addAssertion(assertion: Assertion): AssertionPlant<T>

Helper method to simplify adding assertions to the plant which itself is stored in CharSequenceContains.CheckerOption.containsBuilder.



open class AtMostCheckerOptionImpl<out T : CharSequence, out S : SearchBehaviour> : AtMostCheckerOptionBase<T, S>, AtMostCheckerOption<T, S>

Represents the builder of a contains at least once but at most check within the fluent API of a sophisticated contains assertion for CharSequence.