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Package ch.tutteli.atrium.domain.creating.changers

Contains contracts for subject-change related functionality such as SubjectChanger and ExtractedFeaturePostStep



class ChangedSubjectPostStep<T, R> : PostFinalStep<T, R, Expect<R>>

Option step which allows to decide what should be done with the transformed subject of type R.


class ExtractedFeaturePostStep<T, R> : PostFinalStep<T, R, FeatureExpect<T, R>>

Option step which allows to decide what should be done with the extracted feature of type R.


class FailureHandlerAdapter<T, R1, R> : SubjectChanger.FailureHandler<T, R>

Represents a SubjectChanger.FailureHandler which as an adapter for another failure handler by mapping first the given subject to another type R1 which is understood as input of the other failure handler.


interface FeatureExtractor

Defines the contract for sophisticated safe feature extractions including assertion creation for the feature.


abstract class PostFinalStep<T, R, E : Expect<R>>

Step which kind of holds the state of a previous final step related to a subject change/feature extraction etc. and now allows to decide what should happen with it.


interface SubjectChanger

Defines the contract to change the subject of an assertion container (e.g. the subject of Expect) by creating a new Expect whereas the new Expect delegates assertion checking to a given original assertion container.



val featureExtractor: FeatureExtractor

The access point to an implementation of FeatureExtractor.


val subjectChanger: SubjectChanger

The access point to an implementation of SubjectChanger.