doc / ch.tutteli.atrium / IAtriumFactory / registerTextAssertionFormatterCapabilities


abstract fun registerTextAssertionFormatterCapabilities(bulletPoints: Map<Class<out BulletPointIdentifier>, String>, assertionFormatterFacade: AssertionFormatterFacade, textAssertionPairFormatter: AssertionPairFormatter, objectFormatter: ObjectFormatter, translator: Translator): Unit
Deprecated: Use AssertImpl.coreFactory instead; will be removed with 1.0.0

Registers all available AssertionFormatters -- which are intended for text format (e.g. for the console) -- to the given assertionFormatterFacade using the given textAssertionPairFormatter.

Should at least support RootAssertionGroupType, FeatureAssertionGroupType, ListAssertionGroupType, SummaryAssertionGroupType and ExplanatoryAssertionGroupType (see AssertionGroupBuilder).


bulletPoints - The bullet points used in reporting to prefix each Assertion in AssertionGroup.assertions.

assertionFormatterFacade - The AssertionFormatterFacade to which all AssertionFormatters with text reporting capabilities should be registered.

textAssertionPairFormatter - An AssertionPairFormatter which is intended for text format.

objectFormatter - The formatter which is used to format objects other than Assertions.

translator - The translator which is used to translate Translatable such as DescriptiveAssertion.description.