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ChangedSubjectPostStep(expect: Expect<T>, transform: Expect<T>.() -> Expect<R>, transformAndApply: Expect<T>.(Expect<R>.() -> Unit) -> Expect<R>)

Option step which allows to decide what should be done with the transformed subject of type R.

Notice, this class does not add any functionality to PostFinalStep and is more like a marker. The purpose of the marker is extensibility, this way you can write a post-final-step which only applies to ChangedSubjectPostStep and not to all kind of PostFinalStep.


expect - The Expect which was involved in the building process and holds assertion for the initial subject.

transform - The subject transformation which creates and returns a new Expect of type R.

transformAndApply - The subject transformation which not only creates and returns a new Expect of type R but also applies a given assertionCreator lambda.